Our name, derived from the Latin expression “de Capsula totus“, encapsulates the essence of our digital space: the finest from a box.

At Capsula Totus, we curate capsule collections featuring unique items crafted by creators from around the globe. From artisans and designers to hobbyists, every piece undergoes a meticulous selection process, ensuring authenticity and adhering to the highest quality standards. 

Our commitment to uniqueness is paramount: each item on Capsula Totus is exclusively available here, making our capsule collections truly one-of-a-kind.

We pride ourselves on sourcing products of exceptional quality and sustainability with item that possesses an authentic style and upholds stringent quality benchmarks.

Our dedication extends beyond commerce: we champion craftsmanship and artistry, fostering a global network of skilled partners. Capsula Totus seeks to elevate those who create unique pieces, resisting mass production and preserving the intrinsic value of art. We provide services designed to support creators through digital marketing initiatives. Leveraging digital marketing tools for digital advertisement, strategic content across social media and our website, we amplify visibility and lead conversion for our partners.

Join us in celebrating creativity, supporting creators, and embracing the extraordinary at Capsula Totus: where each piece tells a story and every creation is a masterpiece.

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